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A complete solution to level up your software product, increase user satisfaction and bring your team peace of mind


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Make your software product more stable, performant and maintainable

It’s tempting to quickly incorporate new features into your software product. But without precautions, the source code becomes more and more complex: bugs usually multiply and developers take longer to fix problems or add features.

Our team helps you resolve critical issues and reorganize source code, making your team more enthusiastic and efficient and your users happier.

Build a strong fondation for your software product

You have a great idea and you would like to build a top product. We help you get through the mist between all the technical options and define with you the software architecture and technology that meets your needs today and easily scales tomorrow.

Maintain a high-end product while it evolves rapidly

While your team adds great functionalities to your product, we audit the code and software architecture in detail and share pragmatic solutions with your team to keep the software simple to maintain and reduce the risk of bugs so that your team remains efficient and your users satisfied.


Keep pace when your audience is growing

We help you anticipate bottlenecks and find solutions to reduce the memory it uses and/or to give a faster response to the user.


How to achieve it ?

We work with your team to strengthen their capacities to build architecture that scales well





Insight of solutions to tackle your top priorities

Supported: backend, web and mobile app, scripts

Analysis of the software code and architecture

Todo list with estimated complexity and priority

Refactoring to fix the critical issues

Fixing complicated bugs

Speeding up / reducing memory usage

Training, support, regular checks with your team

Where to start ?

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